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La Giostra Gonfiabile


The Joust Inflatable Shows ImportExport, stems from a specific requirement of the market segment. The long experience gained over the last decade in the entertainment industry and animation, games and equipment renting and organizing exhibitions and events more and more important, has prompted the company to continuously update and a relentless pursuit of innovative systems and equipment for the fun. With the goal of spreading quickly among the other operators in the sector as well as among customers in the amusement & entertainment innovative products available, our company has developed a dynamic sales division, responsible, punctual and efficient in a position to advise the choice of product (brand-service) and inform about news (periodical sending of News-letter) to clients already enrolled in the Mailing-list or register using the form on the website. Our website remains the most immediate and effective interactive system to monitor the offerings of the world market in constant change. Allows you to update, retrieve information and technical data, access lists, offerings and interact with the company. The Inflatable Joust is a leading company in the distribution of Inflatable Games, Playground, cotton candy machines and equipment for Entertainment Centres and schools.